09/18/2014 – Stated Meeting and EA Degree


Hancock Lodge No. 311 will conduct our stated meeting on Thursday, 18 September, 2014 at 7:00 pm. We will start a Special Communication at 6:00 pm to initiate two candidates, All Masons are invited to attend. We will open on the First Degree. Officers, please let me know if you are available or unavailable to perform the listed roles by return email or telephone at 915-307-0644, office at 913-684-8208.

The Trestle Board for this event is listed below:

  • WM – WB Jose M. Marrero
  • SW – Bro Jerry Osborne
  • JW – Bro Ross Perkins
  • Secretary- Bro Barry Rimmey
  • Treasurer – RWB Mike Tavares, PM
  • SD – Bro James Dahl
  • JD – Bro Dan Brown
  • SS -Bro Adam Shafer
  • JS – Bro David Pretz
  • Chaplain – Bro Steve Kempf
  • Tyler – WB Ron Pfeiffer, PM
  • Marshal – Bro Joseph Rios
  • Almoner – WB Richard Nieman, PM
  • Questions – Bro James Dahl
  • Answers – Bro Dan Brown
  • Charge – Bro Jerry Osborne
  • 2nd and 3rd Lectures – Tyler


  • 6:00 PM – Open in form on the 1st Degree of Masonry
  • 6:05 PM – Ascertain work/Confer Entered Apprentice Degree
  • 7:00 PM – Open stated Meeting and continue EA degree as necessary
  • Consent Agenda discussion/approval (Items posted on the bulletin board for review)
    • Minutes approval (Posted by Signing-Book)
    • Bills and Communications
  • First time visitors
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Receipt of Petitions/Vote/Appoint Investigating Committees
  • Report on Investigating Committees/Vote/Set tentative Degree date
  • Reports of Standing Committees
    • Masonic Education Committee (RWB Herb Merrick, PM)
    • Finance Committee (Bro Ross Perkins)
    • Charity Committee (WM Jose M. Marrero)
    • Public Schools Committee (Bro Steve Kempf)
    • Fund Raising Committee (WB Vic Henke, PM)
    • Masonic Foundation Committee (RWB Mike Tavares, PM)
  • Report on Special Committees
    • Membership Committee (WB Ron Pfeiffer, PM)
    • Proficiency Card Committee (WB John Crary, PM)
    • Lodge Membership Conservation and Calling Committee (WB Richard Nieman, PM)
    • Fraternal Relations (WB Tom Dials, PM)
    • Publicity Committee (Bro Dick Wright)
    • Masonic Home Committee
    • Boughton Memorial Hall Committee (RWB Herb Merrick, PM)
    • By Laws Review Committee (RWB Herb Merrick)
  • Old Business
    • Commemorative Coin Project(WM Marrero, left 227)
    • KMF Auction, Aug 15- Sept 15 2014, All items donated by our Lodge were sold ($275.00)
    • Pancake Breakfast 20 September 2014 0700-1030
    • 5th Thursday status, location (JW)
    • Veteran’s Day Parade, 11 November, Marching and Float
  • New Business
    • Leadership Academy, 1 November 2014, Topeka 9:00am-4:30 pm, guest speaker, Cliff Porter
    • Area 1 District Meeting by ADGM 15 November 2014, more to follow
    • Area 1, District 2 Meeting hosted by Hancock Lodge on 17 January 2015, 9:00am-4:00pm (approx.) Instructor will be RWB Vernon Clark.
  • Good of the Order
  • Sickness and Distress
  • Remarks by First Time Visitors
  • Almoners Box: available for donations at the end of the meeting
  • Refreshments: Junior Warden
  • Wages: Senior Warden
  • Close in form on the First Degree

Thanks again for all your support and for all that you do for Freemasonry and the community.


Jose M. Marrero
Worshipful Master
Hancock Lodge no.311

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