Fort Leavenworth Access Control Changes

All visitors to Fort Leavenworth, and thus Hancock Lodge, will have to go through new installation access rules on or about 4 February 2015. Due to increased secure posture gaining access to Fort Leavenworth will become much more complicated. Visitors will be screened using NCIC III checks, which means it could take up to 15 minutes or more than the already lengthy process if one does not have a DOD issued id card. If a brother wishes to visit the Lodge or the Armed Forces Scottish Rite please contact the secretary some days before so we can try and help with the paperwork. We may have to provide escorts. We will post updates here on the website and on Facebook.

For more information, visit the Ft. Leavenworth Garrison website’s gate information page and the information paper entitled “Vetting and Credentialing of Visitors and Uncleared Contractors Requiring Access to Fort Leavenworth”.

Click the image below to view the entire briefing about the upcoming access control changes (.pdf):


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