LA 6 Announced! – LA 5 was Excellence in Masonry

 They just get better every year!  This year’s was the best so far and they are hard to beat.  You lodge was well represented, but if you weren’t there, you cheated yourself out of a grat Masonic experience.  What do you get from Leadership Academy?

  • Spend time with enthusiastic brothers from all over Kansas.
  • Hear guest speakers who inform and motivate.
  • Join sessions that answer questions that you should have asked.
  • See why evey Masons should be proud of the instutution in which they are members.
  • Eat excellent food in a great venue.
  • Find a niche that can enhance your Masonic experience in the lodge.
  • Get free stuff with the Kansas Mason logo.

Mark your calendar right now for November 5, 2016.  As soon as you see the announcement for Leadership Academy VI, register and commit to go.  Next to the Annual Communication, it is the best state-level Masoninc event that you can attend.

Watch for details in the Fall Kansas Mason and on the new web site.

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