Grand Lodge Launches New Web Site


Click to see the new Grand Lodge web site.

Grand Lodge unveiled the new Grand Lodge web site at Leadership Academy V on October 31st.  The first thing that you’ll notice is that five Hancock Lodge #311 brothers appear on the main page.  That’s 45% of the total number of brothers in the picture.  Very impressive, brothers.

The web site now has a log in feature.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to see a drop-down list of resources available to you based on your membership and office(s) held.  You’ll need information on your Dues Card and the password you are already familiar with for the initial log in.  Test it out and download the latest version of The Kansas Mason magazine just out on news stands coast to coast.


Click to see some of the Leadership Academy V content.

Many thanks to R:. W:. Mikel Stoops of Desoto #40 for the excellent upgrade to an already good looking site.  I think you’ll find he has completed a much needed re-organization and refreshing of content.

Also take a look at the web site to see what else you may have missed if you did not attend LA V.

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