Justification for Per Capita Increase Provided


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The Grand Lodge Council of Administration (our elected leaders) proposed a bylaw change to increase per capita tax on each Mason.  It asks for a sharp increase but over small increments each year for several years.  While many brothers would not flinch at spending over $100 a month for cable TV, many find it difficult to spend $100 a year to provide their share to maintain the fabulous tapestry of Masonry.  “Too long, we have been content to live cheap on the institution that our grandfathers sacrificially invested their own equity to build,” says Past Grand Master Rick Reichert.  “Over the past several years, the state-level leaders have vastly increased the quality of programs to promote, grow, and make relevant our beloved fraternity on budgets that shrink in proportion to our membership while prices continue to rise,” he continued.

Introduced by M:. W:. Daren L. Kellerman, Grand Master, this narrated video provides ground truth for the purpose of the per capita increase.  Because of the incredible backlash any per capita increase evokes in our membership across the state, the Council of Administration reserves this task to only when it is is wholly necessary for the continuation of the Craft.  What is not said on the video are the consequences of losing Kansas as a sovereign Grand Lodge territory, which would be devastating.  Our Council of Administration is acting responsibly, prudently, and necessarily on our behalf in the most conservative manner possible to do their mission: “To encourage and support Freemasonry by assisting its constituent lodges to achieve success and prosperity as assets to their membership and communities.”

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