Kansas Masonic Foundation launches New Web Site

kmf-button-2016-largeThe Kansas Masonic Foundation, the philanthropic power-house of Kansas Masonry, has launched a new, more informative, easier-to-navigate web site.  The mid-September launch comes at a time when the 50th Anniversary $20 Million campaign is mid-way through its first year.  The campaign is gathering momentum and both donors and information-seekers have been looking for a site like this one.   “The older site was very pretty, but hard to navigate” said Past Grand Master Rick Reichert.  This new site gets you to the information or contact point much faster”, he said.

Kansas Masons can be very proud of their accomplishments in the Building Kansas 50th Anniversary campaign so far.  Every effort that KMF doe spit the lodges at the center the philanthropic universe and has greatly extended our abilities to improve the lives of Kansans.  The Foundation exists to expand Masoninc Philanthropy in the fields of charitable, educational, and scientific programs. It also supports our effort stop meet our third degree obligations.

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