5th Thursday Results are In

The ballot is closed and now displayed for your viewing pleasure.  We had 16 respondents to our December 5th Thursday Restaurant Poll.  Metropolitan Steak House received the most votes with seven(7).  All Slabbed Up was second with 3 votes.  According to the count provided in the poll, we should have a total of 31 attendees if everyone who said they are coming join us for the meal.  Next step is for the Junior Warden to make the reservations.

All are welcome to come, but please notify Bro. Mike K. if (a) you did not vote but still want to come or (b) voted and said you were coming but had something come up.  We’d like to give the restaurant the most accurate head count possible.  Make sure there is a seat ready for you and your spouse.

Dinner will be at Metropolitan Steak House, 1800 hours, Thursday, December 29th, 1501 Metropolitan Street, Leavenworth.

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