Justification for Per Capita Increase Provided


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The Grand Lodge Council of Administration (our elected leaders) proposed a bylaw change to increase per capita tax on each Mason.  It asks for a sharp increase but over small increments each year for several years.  While many brothers would not flinch at spending over $100 a month for cable TV, many find it difficult to spend $100 a year to provide their share to maintain the fabulous tapestry of Masonry.  “Too long, we have been content to live cheap on the institution that our grandfathers sacrificially invested their own equity to build,” says Past Grand Master Rick Reichert.  “Over the past several years, the state-level leaders have vastly increased the quality of programs to promote, grow, and make relevant our beloved fraternity on budgets that shrink in proportion to our membership while prices continue to rise,” he continued.

Introduced by M:. W:. Daren L. Kellerman, Grand Master, this narrated video provides ground truth for the purpose of the per capita increase.  Because of the incredible backlash any per capita increase evokes in our membership across the state, the Council of Administration reserves this task to only when it is is wholly necessary for the continuation of the Craft.  What is not said on the video are the consequences of losing Kansas as a sovereign Grand Lodge territory, which would be devastating.  Our Council of Administration is acting responsibly, prudently, and necessarily on our behalf in the most conservative manner possible to do their mission: “To encourage and support Freemasonry by assisting its constituent lodges to achieve success and prosperity as assets to their membership and communities.”

Hancock Brother appears On Stage

RedVelvitCakeWarOur own Bro. Brian Resch is now appearing at the River City Community Players theater in downtown Leavenworth though this coming weekend.  Shows are February 26, 27 and 28, 2016.  It’s a very fun production that is well directed and  well done by our community actors.  Bro. Brian’s character is a lot of fun to watch and he plays it to the max.  Suitable for the whole family and certainly time well spent in laughter.

This could be an excellent outing for the lodge.  Dinner at a local establishment and then a show that starts at 8 pm on Delaware in the historic Hollywood Theater.  Bro. Brian mentions Hancock Lodge in his bio in the playbill.

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EA Degree at March 3rd Stated

Master_and_ApprenticeW:. Bro. Ross has called for a special start time at the first Stated Meeting in March.  The March 3rd Stated Meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and will be for the purposes of conferring the Entered Apprentice degree.  There will not be a dinner that evening.  After degree work, the Worshipful Master will then proceed with the normal order of business.

This will be the last stated meeting in March.  Since the second stated is the Thursday of Grand Lodge Annual Communication, and since all of the officers, and many of the Past Masters and other brethren will be there, along with a lot of our lodge furniture, there would not be a quorum anyway.  If you are looking for something fun to do on the 3rd Thursday in March, come out with us to the Capital Plaza Hotel in Topeka and join the Kansas Masonic Foundation sponsored reception.

Stated Meeting Tonight – 7 pm

SevenPeeEmJoin us for our Second Stated Communication of February 2016 starting at 7 p.m. this evening, Thursday, February 18, 2016.

Weather will certainly be conducive for an nice drive to the Fort.  Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 53. Breezy, with a south southwest wind 20 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph.  Leave the hat at home.

First Stated is February 4th

The first Stated Meeting in February will be a busy business meeting.  Several important items are on the trestle board:

  • Reading of a Petition for the Mysteries
  • Discussion on upcoming Grand Lodge events
  • Discussion and vote on how the officers will represent the lodge regarding the proposed by-laws changes at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge in March.
  • Bible presentation to new Master Masons present
  • Opening a Lodge of Sorrow when we will drape our alter in memory of Bro. Harry Acker

Information about Pre-Meeting Meal (not provided)
Grand Lodge By-Law Change Proposals
Minutes of Last Meeting for Review
February Trestle Board (not provided)
Consent Agenda for February 4th Stated (not provided)