Dinner to Honor Students & Teachers – Apr 7th

Dinner to Honor Exceptional Educators and Students

Join W:. Brother Ross and the officers of Hancock Lodge to recognize four students and two teachers who have a special relationship with our lodge.  Our special guests will be two of our Grand Lodge Essay Contest entrants, and four individuals who were nominated by a school official; two as Exceptional Teachers and two as Exceptional Students as part of the Back to School Programs in the Kansas Masonic Lodge toolkit.

Dinner is $14 dollars per person which includes a little extra needed to sponsor our guests.  Please register your intent to attend below.  Dinner will be catered by The Café of Leavenworth and includes Salisbury Steak, peas, and salad.  There is also a link to PayPal for your convenience at the bottom of this page.  Your response by Monday, April 4th is requested.

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Live Blogging from Grand Lodge March 16-19

Periodic commentary from Topeka during the period of activities surrounding the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Kansas

20160319_121157 (1)March 19, 2016 10:00 am – During a marathon Installation of Grand Lodge Officers (3.25 hours!), there were a few exciting moments, such as the presentation of the title of Grand Lecturer on our own Worshipful Brother John Crary.  Bro. john served several years as Assistant Grand Lecturer but has now become a full-fledged Grand Lecturer.  He was also elected as Senior Warden of the Kansas Lodge of Research on Thursday.

Grand Lodge is very grateful to the brothers who transported the Hancock Lodge furniture to Topeka and set up the Grand Lodge room.  The furniture, especially the pillars, have really taken a beating over the past three years of transporting back and forth.  It’s time for another lodge to provide this service to Grand Lodge.


Bro. Jose receives Meritorious Service Medal from Grand Lodge

March 18, 2016 8:00 pm –  Brother Jose Marrero became the 3rd Hancock Lodge member to receive the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal.  Only 9 have been presented the the award’s history and 33.3% have gone to Hancock Lodge brothers.  Bro. Jose is seen here getting congratulations at the All Masonic Banquet by the Grand Lodge officers and previous recipients including Bros. Herb Merrick and Vic Henke.  The Grand Master’s Order of Merit was not presented this year.



Bro. Jose, Grand Marshal, leads the procession at the Kansas Statehouse


Bro. Jose signals the procession up the steps to begin


The Craft has formed and the ceremony begins

March 18, 2016 11:15 am –  Brother Jose Marrero led the procession today at the Kansas statehouse where the cornerstone was rededicated in a joint A. F. & A. M.and Prince Hall F. & A. M. Grand Lodge ceremony.  The ceremony was performed without flaw and from memory.  The well-rehearsed cornerstone dedication was the best one I have ever seen.  It was attended by a huge crowd of very proud Mason’s and their families.  This historic event was one not to miss.  The Governor’s proclamation making today Mason’s Day in Kansas was published in all newspapers today across the state.

March 17, 2016 7:00 pm – Kansas Masonic Foundation hosted a donor’s dinner for those who gave generously throughout the year and for representatives of the various recipient organizations.  Honorable Brother Bob Dole was the main guest but was unable to make it this evening.  We are grateful for his support.   Brother Dole sent a signed copy of the Kansas Mason bearing his photo to Brother Mike for his work leading KMF.  There were a couple of awards given.  Bros. Bob Shively and Mike Tavares hosted the event.  It was well attended and well received.








March 17, 2016 1:00 pm Rehearsal for Installation of Grand Lodge Officers for the 2016-2017 year is ongoing and two familiar Hancock Lodge brothers will once again take the Grand Marshal and Grand Assistant Tyler but not the same positions they had last year.  You’ll have to be here Saturday or wait to determine who gets what, but the picture should give you an idea or two.  The Kansas Masonic Foundation had a huge lunch for Lodges and it, too, was well attended by Hancock Lodge brothers.

Incoming Grand Lodge officers receive instruction for Installation for Saturday.

Incoming Grand Lodge officers receive instruction for Installation for Saturday.

Many many thanks are due to Brothers Dan Brown, Mike Weilemann and Mike Tavares for loading up the truck to bring our lodge furniture to Grand Lodge.   Thanks to W:. Bro. Jerry Osborne for picking up the flag holders.  Everything looks great as we rehearse and prepare for the “Midnight Degree” being put on by the Grand Lodge at midnight tonight and the Public Grand Opening of Grand Lodge tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.

Brothers Herb and Jose at the Installation rehearsal.

Brothers Herb and Jose at the Installation rehearsal.



Bros. Herb and Vic


Bro. President Mike

March 16,2016 2:00 pm  Brothers,  Topeka is already extremely exciting.


As I sit in the Annual Meeting of the Kansas Masonic Foundation (along with three other Hancock Lodge brothers: Mike Tavares, Herb Merrick, and Vic Henke), we’re on the leading edge of a campaign that will be the greatest advance of Kansas Masons in history.  There will be huge announcements at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication and at activities at the Capitol Plaza Hotel throughout the next several days.

Today the Kansas Masonic Foundation meets.
Thursday: Lunch for Lodges, Kansas Lodge of Research Annual Meeting, and the Welcoming Reception for all Masons and their guests.