W:. Bro. Herb Addresses Grand Lodges

Topeka, Kansas.  Our own brother, Herb Merrick, Past Master and current Grand Flag Bearer, recipient of the Grand Master’s Order of Merit, sole holder of the Kansas Lodge of Research honor as Professor of Masonic Education, was invited to address the Midwest Conference of Masonic Education.  In the afternoon session of the conference, Brother Herb presented a beautifully illustrated and well received history of the forming of Hancock Lodge by our first Worshipful Master and Medal of Honor recipient W:. Carle Augustus Woodruff.

Herb’s presentation was exhaustively researched, expertly delivered, and well received by the conference attendees.  The main point of Herb’s presentation was that each lodge has a great history and colorful, historic figures who were part of both the history of the lodge as well as integral parts of Americana.  If a lodge needs to look for great topics of interest for lodge programs, they need look no further than their own members, past and present.

We are extremely fortunate to not only have a unique and important place in American military history, but also blessed to have a capable historian who has been willing to bring our historically significant members to life.  Kudos and thanks to Brother Herb for continuing to promote Hancock Lodge pride.

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