Installation of Officers – Gala Event!

Grand Lodge officers and their ladies will be present to perform the traditional ceremony that transfer the leadership of the lodge to the new slate of officers.  The evening starts with a pasta dinner at 1800 hours on Thursday, December 21, 2017 in the dining room.  Masons attending will need to tender $10 to the secretary.  Guests of those Masons will eat for free.  Our dining room tables have been nicely decorated for the occasion and the season.

Lodge will be opened on the Entered Apprentice degree at some point after 1830 hours.   The open (public) ceremony will begin in the Lodge Room at 1900 hours.  Installing officers will be in tux as will the incoming Master.  All others are asked to dress appropriately for the occasion.

If you are interested in Masonry or our Masonic Lodge, you are welcome to join us for the open ceremony of installation.  The tradition you will witness has been basically unchanged in its format since George Washington presided over his lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia.