Proposed change to Hancock Lodge 311By-Laws

21 July 2019

SUBJECT: Proposed change to Hancock Lodge 311By-Laws addressing annual dues increase

Brethren, greetings from our Worshipful Master and elected officers. It bears heavy upon us to bring this subject to your attention. Over the last few years our annual dues have failed to keep up with the day to day operations of our Lodge and fund raising has not kept up with the discretionary spending. Add to this attrition and the issue becomes clearer.

We are at a point where a dues increase is needed to continue operations. The cost of regalia, bibles, aprons and other necessary items for operations have been on the rise; as well as rent. Office expenses, and postage is on the rise due to erroneous addresses and emails, not to mention missing updated telephone numbers. The Grand Lodge per capita has increased gradually from $24.00 to $27.00, and now for calendar 2020, to $30.00, without a dues increase this per capita will cut into the lodge dues which in turn will reduce the amount available for the Lodge budget and operations.

The Worshipful Master assigned a committee to study and propose by-laws change to accommodate a dues increase that will provide income for operations for several years to come. The last change in dues was in 2014 where the dues were $46.00 plus a Grand Lodge per capita of $24.00. As a result of the committee study a dues increase was recommended.

The following is the current By-Law for dues. 3-5.

The annual dues and assessments, payable in advance on or before January 1st, shall be Grand Lodge annual per capita fees (2014 equals twenty-four dollars [$24.00] plus lodge dues of Forty- Six dollars, ($46.00).(2014)

Beneath is the proposed change:

3-5. The annual dues and assessments, payable in advance on or before January 1st, shall be Grand Lodge annual per capita fees plus lodge dues of seventy dollars ($70.00).

Notice that the amount of the per capita is no longer included as a fixed amount, but rather it is left as a flexible point since it is not affixed by us, but rather by the craft during the Grand Lodge annual communications when proposed changes are recommended by the membership and/or the Council of Administration.

The dues of $70.00 plus per capita of $30.00 for 2020, translates to $100.00 per year. Approximately twenty-eight cents per day, $1.93 per week, or $8.34 per month. As you can see it is not a significant increase, but one that will allow us to continue operations until a need arises.

As a requirement of our By-Laws we are submitting this notice to the craft to review and think about it prior to the vote to amend the By-Laws (30 day notice). During our first stated meeting in 5 September 2019 we will entertain discussion of this proposal. After the discussion a vote will follow on 3 October 2019 to adopt the By-Law change, or reject the change.

Please review this information. Take it into consideration and formulate your questions and recommendations if any to allow for discussion.

As soon as the vote is completed the appropriate dues card invoice will be submitted to all members reflecting the will of our membership.


RW Jose M. Marrero, Sr.

Secretary Hancock Lodge No. 311

P. O. Box 3408

313 Kearny Ave.

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027