New Email Address

Brethren, as  I am evolving in my role of secretary for Hancock Lodge it has become incumbent on me to renew our ways of communicating. Our previous email ( has become increasingly loaded with spam.  To wit, last week when checking the firewall in my computer, I had noticed approximately 11,000 blocked attemtps in that email.

I have decided that a new email account would alleviate much of this corrupt traffic and spam attempts on the email account.  For this purpose I have created the following account:

There are several accounts that are tied to the old email account and until I can change them I will continue to monitor them.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

EA work and Stated Meeting

  • Hancock Lodge No. 311 will conduct a Special communication to confer the Entered Apprentice degree on three candidates. AGENDA:  
  • Open in form on the 1st Degree of Masonry at 6:30 pm
  • Confer the 1st Degree/Initiate candidate(s)
  • The Trestle Board for this event is listed below:
    • WM – W∴ Michael Kwiatkowski
    • SW – Br. Anthony Rolfe
    • JW – Br. Mike Weilemann
    • Secretary- R∴ W∴ Jose M. Marrero, PM
    • Treasurer – W∴ Ron Pfeiffer, PM
    • SD – Br. Devin Larson
    • JD – Br. Erik Kittrell
    • SS – Br. Joseph Rios
    • JS – Br. Scott Bastian
    • Chaplain – Br. Richard Byarly
    • Tyler – W∴ Jerry Osborne
  • 1st Lecture
    • Questions – Br. Anthony Rolfe
    • Answers –  W∴ Ross Perkins
  • Charge – W∴ Earl Genter
  • 2nd and 3rd Lectures – Earl Genter
  • After the initiation is completed the Stated meeting will continue to cover business at hand.  
  • Close in form on the First Degree of Masonry 

Proposed Grand Lodge of Kansas A. F. & A. M By Laws changes

Brethren, the newly proposed  changes to the Grand Lodge By Laws are posted in the Members section under the Consent Agenda tab.  Please review them that we may discuss on our stated meeting on 17 January 2019.

A vote on the Lodge standing for these changes should take effect on our first meeting on 7 February 2019.

In accordance to Grand lodge instructions, the changes will be introduced and read at our first meeting on 3 January 2019.