Stated Meeting and Initiation June 15, 2017


We are holding a 1st degree at 6pm this Thursday June 15th for two candidates.  We should be finished just after our normal starting time for regular business.   Please show support for our new members.  Due to the recent changes in positions and the rust that has accumulated since our last first degree, we will be holding a practice session at 4ish pm on Wednesday.  Elected and appointed officers will be in their regular chairs to avoid mass confusion.  If you don’t have a chair, there are several places you could help fill if you are willing to do so (Please contact Jerry Osborne).  I hope to see a full house this Thursday especially since it is our last stated meeting until September.  It takes Masons to make Masons!

Stated Communication- June 1, 2017

Brethren, our next stated meeting is this Thursday, June 1, 2017.  Our newly elected Worshipful Master, James Dahl presides from the East.  We break bread at 6pm, followed by our stated meeting starting promptly at 7pm.  WB Jerry Osborne provides masonic education and we present a worthy brother a $1000 scholarship.  Your Worshipful Master and officers hope you can attend.  The night promises good food, great fraternity and further light.

Special Election and Stated Meeting on May 18, 2017

Brethren due to the resignation of our current Worshipful Master, Dan Brown, we will hold a special election and installation for Worshipful Master, this Thursday (May 18, 2017) at 7pm.  The election and installation will be presided over by our DDGM RW Steve Humes who will be officially received.

We will enjoy fraternity and a simple meal starting promptly at 6pm.


Stated Communication- April 20, 2017

Our next stated meeting is tomorrow, April 20, 2017.   We will break bread at 6pm followed by our stated meeting starting promptly at 7pm.  We will host a guest speaker, R:.W:. Steven L. Harrison who will present “Masons on Oak Island.”  Overall, it will be a great time for fraternity and further light.  We hope you can attend.

Freemasonry Trip to Scotland and England


In anticipation of the 300th Tercentennial celebration occurring at the United Grand Lodge of England this fall, Brother Patrick Craddock has established a travel package that will coincide with the celebration in London.  Unfortunately, only sitting Grand Masters are able to attend the celebration in Royal Albert Hall, but Brother Craddock has made sure there is plenty of other things to occupy your time should you decide to travel with his group.

Please see the attached package, which takes in both Scotland and England for the details

Brother Craddock is a member of Hancock Lodge #311, but resides in Tennessee.  He is a well-traveled Brother and I doubt not, that he has put together a first class trip of a lifetime, with a heavy Masonic theme, but one everyone going can enjoy.  His contact information is contained within the attached document.  All questions relating to the trip should be sent directly to him.

This trip was not commissioned by the Grand Lodge of Kansas or Hancock Lodge #311, we are simply distributing this information for your benefit, should you decide to take advantage of this very unique Masonic Trip abroad.