Latest Grand Master Edicts and letters concerning COVID-19

Brethren for general information, find attached the latest letters and edicts by our Grand Master concerning COVID-19 . The edict continues restrictions and directs the proper conduct of meetings and events once our WM convenes the lodge for future meetings. Kansas has eased some restrictions for the communities and the Grand Lodge will notify the respective lodges when to continue with the work and labors of the Lodge. Please review the edict for your personal information and planning.

7 August 2020 Cancellation of School of Instruction

26 June 2020

27 July 2020

Quarterly Bulletin

Our Lodge Page

Brethren please access this information page on Our Lodge Page, the web site designed for information sharing on Hancock Lodge 311.

In this site a brother can, regardless of where he may be located, update his Masonic profile and review his obligations to the lodge in addition to maintain positive contact with the Leadership and his brethren.

Review, access, post information of relevance to you and keep in communication with all. Thanks.

Tutorial on Zoom video conferencing

Brethren please review the document concerning use of Zoom as a means to communicate as a Lodge or a committee. Zoom tutorial is designed to cover the basic in how to use or access this application for the benefit of all. Thanks and please provide us with input to evaluate its use and benefits to the craft. Thanks.

Outstanding Dues and Dues notices for 2020

Brethren; if you have not received your dues for this year, please contact the secretary email (

At this time we do have approximately 13 members that have not paid for this year (2020)

I have received many undelivered mail from some member notices due to outdated address or email information. If you can, please, update your information via OLP web site at where you can create a secure login and profile and update all your personal information. This way regardless where you move or are deployed you will be able to receive our notifications and news.

Our Lodge page website allows you also to communicate with brethren via an app which is free to download for Androids and I-phones, and tablets.

Help us with this dues process as the lodge financials are heavily dependent on this.

Please contact us if there are any questions or if you feel you may be in arrears or suspended. Thanks for your cooperation.

Julian McWhirter, 50 years emblem

WB Julian McWhirter 50 Years Emblem

Brethren,  If I could have been at Hancock Lodge 311 for the presentation of my 50 year service award I would have said something like this with the Worshipful Master’s permission.

I wish to thank our Worshipful Master and you Brothers for this evening’s ceremony. My four years with the Brothers of Hancock 311 were the best years of my 50 years of Masonry.

Some of the things I will always remember are:    That this lodge always provided outstanding ritual work. That during my three years of line service, our lodge conferred 50 degrees each year. That one evening we were voting on six Petitions for the Mysteries, and the ballot was not clear. By the end of the meeting we had five fine candidates. That most of our Brothers were also members of the Scottish Rite and participated in the Rite’s work behind the stage, in the cast, leader of a degree, communicating degrees or anything the Rite needed. And finally in closing, the reason I said at the beginning that my four years with the Brothers of our lodge were the best of my 50 years of Masonry. Many nights I would be tired, frustrated or just plain discussed with life. But I would go to Lodge and by the end of the evening I would go home relaxed, content and happy with the world again. The brotherly love and comradery here was like no other I have ever felt anywhere! And this is why I’m so thankful to have received my 50 year pin from Hancock Lodge 311.     

I attended my Texas lodge for 18 years and 15 as Secretary, but I never felt the comradery and brotherly love that existed in Hancock 311. We did have one outstanding year. We conferred 75 degrees. Our Worshipful Master was a retired Master Sargent and the Brothers willingly worked Monday & Tuesday nights plus Saturday mornings to accomplish this feat. By the end of his year the lodge membership had increased by 25. Thank you for everything, MAC

In Memoriam

Brethren a new page has been created under the Member area to honor our departed brethren.  The intent is to post news/obituaries of brethren that pass away throughout the current year.

Hancock Lodge #311 has many members abroad and at times some of our members lose contact, unbeknownst to them that they might have passed away to the Grand Lodge above.

Please visit this page every once in a while to familiarize yourselves with and provide information if you are aware of some of our dear and departed brothers.

If you happen to know the URL of the obituary or information about it, please send and email to for posting in this page.