Donations Page

Brethren, this page is for donations made to help Hancock Lodge No. 311 meet its charity, scholarships, and community activities.

As part of Kansas Freemasonry, we have a duty to help those in distress and in need. We provide scholarships to students as well as assistance to those in need.

To this purpose we have fundraisers and accept donations from brothers like you. If it is your desire to assist us in this commendable mission, please select the PayPal button displayed below and help us help others. Thanks, and may God Bless you in all your endeavors.

Hancock Lodge No.311 is not a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, therefore donations are not tax deductible. We kindly appreciate your assistance and support for our charities and the community.

Please remember that in order to make these type of payments you need to have a PayPal account created. If you don’t have one then all you need to do is navigate to the PayPal website and follow the instructions.

To make the payments select the button below.

Always make sure to note in the available message area the purpose and any other pertinent information like address or telephone number.

Donations via PayPal