Post Access Information

If you know are coming to visit Fort Leavenworth specifically a Masonic Event at Boughton Memorial Hall on a specific day and time and will be arriving after duty hours there is a new faster way to get on the installation.  You go to and download and complete the sections of the form call Applicant Information, Criminal History and Purpose of Visit.  Then email it to  In the email, tell them you will be arriving after 1630 (4:30 PM).  You don’t need to be sponsored.  When you arrive you get in the far right lane (it is labeled COMMERIAL) when you get to the guard provide him your divers license and he will have the pass for you.  If there are several passengers in the vehicle, each passenger must have a pass.  If you are coming at least weekly or four times a month then we will go through the process of providing you an ID card.  Contact Bro.Herb Merrick.